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Charlene Mulhern Welcomes You

Your Source for Personal Growth



Fully-certified career and wellbeing coach, hypnotherapist and qualified nutritionist. I’ve been successfully coaching clients across England and facilitating their self-growth for over a decade. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and confidence to allow you to achieve your development objectives and unlock your potential.


Depending on needs and preference of client, I am able to offer a hybrid approach including; coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP. My qualifications enable me to teach clients techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life. In addition to coaching and hypnotherapy, I offer a weight loss programme to support individuals to lose weight.

Coaching and hypnotherapy programme benefits:

  • Leverages existing strengths

  • Builds more productive relationships

  • Improves performance - motivates and empowers individuals to excel

  • Achieve what you want - setting goals to work towards your dreams

  • Gain greater job and life satisfaction





Samantha Neville

During the last year I've struggling quite a bit with my confidence at work and trying to deal with an issue that was making me anxious. Charlene offered to help by coaching me. At first, I was quite sceptical as I was very new to coaching but after an initial consultation Charlene quickly identified the areas I wanted to work on and how she could help. Every week she helped me work through my problems and challenged my thinking to help me overcome them. Not only do I now feel better at work, and have made huge steps in overcoming challenges, but her motivation has spilled through outside of work and I'm now more active, eating better and generally feeling much better in myself. She creates a safe and trusting space where you can talk openly about anything and I have really appreciated that. If you're thinking about coaching or mentoring, I would highly recommend Charlene.


Lisa Thompson

I have really enjoyed the coaching sessions, and have finished each session with Charlene feeling a little bit lighter, more confident and better equipped to embrace the opportunities available to me.   The coaching sessions supported me in achieving short to medium term professional goals, more specifically, considering and identifying what types of opportunities would best suit my development goals, having the confidence to embrace opportunities that I would have previously thought were unattainable for me, preparing for success at interview and ultimately securing a more senior job in a new organisation and successfully transitioning. I experienced imposter syndrome at the start of my new role, and Charlene’s support through this meant that I was able to get over the fear of what I may not be capable of, and focus instead on delivering to the best of my ability.


In addition to this, I have also gained skills and a change in mindset that I have applied to other areas of my life and intend to continue to do so.


Raj 'Soni-Tricker

I found the coaching experience overall really positive and helpful. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Charlene did make me feel at ease and I felt that she listened to my challenges and we worked through ways to improve situations. The main driver for me is the accountability, knowing I am reporting back on actions monthly. I feel the coaching supported me on my journey to pursue my dream of working in pro football. I have since secured a job working for a premiere league football club, working for academy professionals and international players. Coaching also gave me the confidence I needed to set up my own business (insta: @_club2) which I am so proud of. Charlene is really approachable. I feel that the sessions have allowed me the space to reflect which previously I didn’t allow this time for as I felt reflecting was a self-indulgent process and I was always too busy. I notice the difference in my motivation as a result of the coaching.

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